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Summary (Ringkasan)

Anna wants to know about the weather in Washington, D.C. She asks her phone. The phone tells her about the weather - but is the phone right?

Anna ingin tahu mengenai cuaca di Washington, D.C. Ia bertanya kepada teleponnya. Teleponnya memberitahu Anna tentang cuaca - tetapi, apakah teleponnya benar?

Speaking (Berbicara)

In this video, learn to say the new words. Learn to talk about weather and how to make your voice go up or down to show feelings with the word, "oh." You can also download the Activity Sheet and practice talking about weather with a friend.

Dalam video ini, Anda akan belajar mengenai kata-kata baru. Anda akan belajar untuk berbicara tentang cuaca dan bagaimana cara membuat suara Anda 'naik' atau 'turun' untuk menunjukan perasaan lewat kata, "oh." Anda juga dapat mengunduh Lembar Kerja dan berlatih berbicara mengenai cuaca dengan teman.

Speaking Practice - Let's Learn English Lesson 9
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Pronunciation (Pengucapan)

​In this video, you ​learn how Americans say short answers with no break between the words.

Dalam video ini, Anda akan belajar bagaimana orang Amerika menjawab pertanyaan dengan jawaban singkat tanpa pemisahan antar kata.

Pronunciation Practice - Let's Learn English Lesson 9
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Conversation (Percakapan)

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Anna: Oh, hi, everyone! Here in Washington, DC, the weather changes often. One day is cold and windy. But the next day is warm and sunny! So, every day I check the forecast. Hello, Phone? What is today’s temperature?
Phone: Today it is 18 degrees ...
Anna: Eighteen degrees! That is cold!
Phone: … eighteen degrees Celsius.
Anna: Oh, Celsius. That is 65 degrees Fahrenheit. That’s warm.
Phone: Yes, Anna. It is warm.
Anna: Excuse me, Phone. Is it windy today?
Phone: No, it is not windy today.
Anna: Is it sunny today?
Phone: Yes, Anna. It is sunny.
Anna: Excuse me, Phone?
Phone: Yes, Anna.
Anna: Is it snowy today?
Phone: No, Anna. It is not snowy.
Anna: Thank you, Phone!
Anna: Today the weather is warm and sunny -- great for seeing Washington, D.C.
Anna: Phone! It is not warm and sunny! It is cold and windy and snowy!
Phone: Anna, it is not cold, windy, or snowy. It is warm and sunny … in Mexico City, Mexico.
Anna: Oh. I see. Mexico.
Anna: Washington weather changes often. Remember to check the forecast -- the right forecast.
Phone: Yes, Anna. Next time remember to check the right fore…
Anna: Okay, thank you Phone. Goodbye, Phone.
Anna: Until next time!

Writing (Menulis)

What is the weather where you are? You can see some examples in the Activity Sheet. Click on the image below to download it. Send us an email or write to us about your town's weather in the Comments section.

Bagaimana cuaca di tempat Anda tinggal? Anda bisa melihat beberapa contoh di Lembar Kerja. Klik gambar di bawah untuk mengunduhnya. Email kami atau tulis di kolom komentar bagaimana cuaca di tempat tinggalmu.

Activity Sheet for Let's Learn English Lesson 9
Activity Sheet for Let's Learn English Lesson 9

Learning Strategy (Strategi Belajar)

Learning Strategies are the thoughts and actions that help make learning easier or more effective. The learning strategy for this lesson is Look for Ways to Practice. We learn to speak by practicing often. Here is an example.

Nina sits on the bus next to a friendly American woman. Looking for a way to practice English, Nina asks, "What is the weather in your city?" The woman tells her about her home town, Tampa, Florida. "It's very warm and sunny." Nina can now practice speaking English with the woman until her bus stop.

How do you find ways to practice English? Write to us in the Comments section or send us an email. Teachers, see the Lesson Plan for more details on teaching this strategy.

Strategi belajar adalah gagasan dan tindakan yang akan mempermudah pembelajaran dan membuatnya lebih efektif. Strategi belajar kali ini adalah Look for Ways to Practice. Kita belajar bicara lewat latihan yang sering. Ini contohnya.

Nina duduk di bus di sebelah seorang perempuan Amerika yang ramah. Karena ingin berlatih berbicara bahasa Inggris, Nina bertanya, "Bagaimana cuaca di kota Anda?" Perempuan itu bercerita tentang kampung halamannya di Tampa, Florida. "Cuacanya sangat hangat dan banyak sinar matahari." Nina sekarang bisa berlatih berbicara bahasa Inggris dengan perempuan itu sampai ia tiba di tujuannya.

Bagaimana Anda belajar bahasa Inggris? Tulis di kolom komentar atau email kami. Teachers, see the Lesson Plan for more details on teaching this strategy.

Listening Quiz (Tes Mendengarkan)

Test your understanding by taking this listening quiz. Play the video, then choose the best answer.

Tes pemahamanmu dengan mengikuti kuis mendengarkan ini. Mainkan videonya, lalu pilih jawaban yang benar.

New Words (Kata-kata Baru)

Celsius - adj. relating to or having a scale for measuring temperature on which the boiling point of water is at 100 degrees and the freezing point of water is at 0 degrees
change - v. to become different
check -v. to get information by looking at something, asking about something, etc.
cold - adj. having a very low temperature​
degree - n. a unit for measuring temperature
Fahrenheit - adj. relating to or having a scale for measuring temperature on which the boiling point of water is at 212 degrees above zero and the freezing point is at 32 degrees above zero
forecast - n. a statement about what you think is going to happen in the future​
phone - n. a device that is connected to a telephone system and that you use to listen or speak to someone who is somewhere else​
snowy - adj. having falling snow or covered with snow​
sunny - adj. having plenty of bright sunlight​
temperature - n. a measurement that indicates how hot or cold something is; a measurement in degrees showing the heat of something (such as air or water)​
warm - adj. somewhat hot; not cool or cold​
weather - n. the temperature and other outside conditions (such as rain, cloudiness, etc.) at a particular time and place
windy - adj. having a lot of wind


Free Materials (Bahan Pelajaran Gratis)

Word Book
Word Book

Download the VOA Learning English Word Book for a dictionary of the words we use on this website.

Each Let's Learn English lesson has an Activity Sheet for extra practice on your own or in the classroom. In this lesson, you can use it to practice a conversation about weather in different places.

Unduh VOA Learning English Word Book sebagai kamus kata-kata yang digunakan di situs ini.

Masing-masing pelajaran dalam Let's Learn English, ada​ Activity Sheet agar Anda bisa belajar sendiri atau di kelas. Di pelajaran kali ini, Anda bisa menggunakannya untuk berlatih menulis dan menggunakan kata kerja dalam "Present Continous tense."

For Teachers

Lesson Plan - Let's Learn English Lesson 9
Lesson Plan - Let's Learn English Lesson 9

See the Lesson Plan for this lesson for ideas and more teaching resources. Send us an email if you have comments on this course or questions.

Grammar focus: Short answers;

Topics: Talk about weather; agree and disagree; use Fahrenheit or Celsius

Speaking & Pronunciation Focus: Intonation of 'oh;' reduced form of short affirmative answers

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