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Lesson 10: Come Over to My Place

Let's Learn English Lesson 10: Come Over to My Place
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Summary (Ringkasan)

Ashley is visiting Anna. She calls to find out how to go to Anna's apartment. Ashley learns about Anna's neighborhood.

Ashley sedang mengunjungi Anna. Dia menelepon untuk mencari tahu bagaimana caranya pergi ke apartemen Anna. Ashley belajar tentang lingkungan tempat tinggal Anna.

Speaking (Berbicara)

In this video, learn to say the new words. Learn to give directions to a place. You can also download the Activity Sheet and practice giving directions to a friend.

Dalam video ini, Anda akan mempelajari kata-kata baru. Anda akan belajar memberi arahan ke suatu tempat. Anda juga dapat mengunduh Lembar Kerja dan berlatih memberikan arahan kepada teman.

Speaking Practice Let's Learn English Lesson 10
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Pronunciation (Pengucapan)

In this video, you learn what it means when Americans make their voice go up after a sentence.

Dalam video ini, Anda belajar apa arti ketika orang Amerika membuat nada suaranya naik di akhir kalimat.

Pronunciation Practice - Let's Learn English Lesson 10
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Conversation (Percakapan)

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Anna: Hi! Today, my friend Ashley, is coming over. I am showing her my new apartment! Oh! That’s Ashley calling.

Anna: Hi Ashley!
Ashley: Hi Anna! I’m coming to your apartment. Where is your apartment?
Anna: My apartment is near the Columbia Heights Metro.
Ashley: It is near the Columbia Heights Metro?
Anna: Yes. Exit the Metro and turn right. Then at the bus station turn left. Then walk straight ahead.
Ashley: Okay. Exit Metro, turn right, turn left, then go straight ahead?
Anna: Yes. My apartment is near a coffee shop.
Ashley: Okay. See you soon!
Anna: Hi, Ashley.
Ashley: Anna, Which coffee shop? There are three coffee shops.
Anna: Okay, my apartment is across from a big department store.
Ashley: A big department store? Ah, I see it!
Anna: Okay! Bye, Ashley. See you soon!
Ashley: Okay. See you soon.
Anna: Ashley! Ashley! Ashley! Over here! It’s Anna! It’s Anna! Hi!
Anna: I love having my friends over. Come on!
Ashley: Great!

Writing (Menulis)

How do you tell someone how to find your school? Or where you work? Try writing directions to a place near you. Send us an email or give us directions in the Comments section. Click on the image below to download the Activity Sheet and practice with a friend.

Activity Sheet - Lesson 10
Activity Sheet - Lesson 10

Learning Strategy (Strategi Belajar)

Learning Strategies are the thoughts and actions that help make learning easier or more effective. The learning strategy for this lesson is Use Images. When we listen to directions, it helps to use an image in our mind or on a screen or paper to understand them better. Here is an example.

Marcos wants to go to his friend Lucia's house. He asks her to give him directions. As he listens, he draws a map on a piece of paper. Lucia says, "Turn right at the supermarket." Marcos draws a box with an 'S' on his map. He draws an arrow (=>) to the right. When he is walking to Lucia's house, he thinks of the map. He remembers the supermarket and the arrow. He turns right and finds Lucia's house.

How do you use images to understand and remember English? Write to us in the Comments section or send us an email. Teachers, see the Lesson Plan for more details on teaching this strategy.

Strategi belajar adalah gagasan dan tindakan yang akan mempermudah pembelajaran dan membuatnya lebih efektif. Strategi belajar kali ini adalah Use Images atau gunakan gambar. Ketika kita mendengarkan arah, gambar di pikiran kita atau di layar atau kertas bisa membantu memahami arah lebih baik. Ini contohnya.

Marcos ingin pergi ke rumah temannya, Lucia. Ia meminta Lucia memberikan arah. Sambil mendengarkan, ia menggambar peta di kertas. Lucia mengatakan, "Turn right at the supermarket." Marcos menggambar kota dengan tulisan 'S' di petanya. Ia menggambar tanda panah (=>) ke kanan. Ketika ia berjalan ke rumah Lucia, ia memikirkan peta itu. Ia ingat supermarket dan tanda panahnya. Ia belok kanan dan menemukan rumah Lucia.

Bagaimana Anda menggunakan gambar untuk memahami dan mengingat bahasa Inggris? Tulis di kolom komentar atau email kami. Teachers, see the Lesson Plan for more details on teaching this strategy.

Listening Quiz (Tes Mendengarkan)

Test your understanding by taking the listening quiz.

Tes pemahaman Anda dengan mengikuti tes ini.

Lesson 10: Come Over to My Place

Lesson 10: Come Over to My Place

Start the Quiz to find out


New Words (Kata-kata Baru)

ahead - adv. to or toward the place where someone is going
bus - n. a large vehicle that is used for carrying passengers especially along a particular route at particular times
coffee shop - n. a small restaurant that serves coffee and other drinks as well as simple foods
department store - n. a large store that has separate areas in which different kinds of products are sold
exit - v. to go out of a place
left - adj. located on the same side of your body as your heart
adv. to or toward the left
Metro - n. an underground railway system in some cities (also called subway)
right - adj. located on the side of your body that is away from your heart
station - n. place where buses, trains, etc., regularly stop so that passengers can get on and off
straight - adv. in a straight or direct way
then - adv. used to indicate what happened or happens next
turn - v. to cause your body or a part of your body to face a different direction
walk - v. to move with your legs at a speed that is slower than running


Free Materials

Word Book
Word Book

Download the VOA Learning English Word Book for a dictionary of the words we use on this website.

Each Let's Learn English lesson has an Activity Sheet for extra practice on your own or in the classroom. In this lesson, you can use it to practice giving directions.

Unduh VOA Learning English Word Book sebagai kamus kata-kata yang digunakan di situs ini.

Masing-masing pelajaran dalam Let's Learn English, ada​ Activity Sheet agar Anda bisa belajar sendiri atau di kelas. Di pelajaran kali ini, Anda bisa menggunakannya untuk berlatih memberikan sebuah petunjuk ke suatu tempat.

For Teachers

Lesson Plan - Lesson 10
Lesson Plan - Lesson 10

See the Lesson Plan for this lesson for ideas and more teaching resources. Send us an email if you have comments on this course or questions.

Grammar focus: Locating places; Imperatives; There is /There are

Topics: Giving directions; Sequence of events with then

Learning Strategy: Use Images

Speaking & Pronunciation Focus: Giving simple directions; Using rising intonation to check understanding


Now it's your turn. Send us an email or write to us in the Comments section below or on our Facebook page to let us know what you think of this lesson.