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This is ENGLISH USA, on VOA. Now, Lesson 41, Part 1. ENGLISH USA SUARA AMERIKA, Pelajaran Ke 41, Bagian Pertama

Dalam pelajaran ini, Anda akan dibimbing memberi deskripsi ciri-ciri jasmani orang berusia lanjut. Martin Learner sedang di sebuah klinik, di mana dia bercakap-cakap dengan seorang dokter.

MARTIN: Good afternoon. I’m Martin Learner. Are you Dr. Haroon?

HAROON: Yes. Hello. We’ve met.

MARTIN: Have we?

HAROON: We met last year.

MARTIN: Where?

HAROON: At the hospital. I worked at the hospital last year.

MARTIN: Do you work there now?

HAROON: No. I work here at the clinic. Sometimes I have patients at the clinic?

MARTIN: Who are your patients at the clinic?

HAROON: Many are old people. Many are poor too.

MARTIN: Do you like old people?

HAROON: Yes, I do. They’re interesting. I like children too. But I learn many things from old people. Can you see that old man near the door?

MARTIN: Yes. He has an interesting face.

HAROON: He has an interesting life.

MARTIN: How old is he?

HAROON: He’s about eighty years old. He was a photographer. He lived in Europe for sixty years.

MARTIN: Is he an American?

HAROON: Yes. he went to Europe to study.

MARTIN: Did he study photography?

HAROON: He was young. First, he studied painting. Then he studied photography.

MARTIN: He’s handsome.

HAROON: Yes, he is. He’s strong too. He’s not sick. He broke his leg.

MARTIN: Is his leg broken now?

HAROON: No. He broke it last year.

MARTIN: He looks like my grandfather. He’s tall and straight. His hair is gray. His face is thin.

HAROON: His leg is a problem. He can’t move it very well. He’s very slow. He can’t walk very well.

MARTIN: How many people come to the clinic?

HAROON: They can tell you in the office. I don’t know. Too many. Look in that room.

MARTIN: I see.

HAROON: They are waiting to see a doctor.

MARTIN: Are they waiting to see you?

HAROON: They are waiting to see any doctor. I’m always here in the morning.

MARTIN: Why are they here?

HAROON: Some are sick.

MARTIN: They’re all old.

HAROON: This neighborhood is mostly old people. The clinic is near their homes. Do you se that woman near the window?

MARTIN: They one with white hair.

HAROON: Many old people have white hair. The one in the blue dress.

MARTIN: Yes, I see her.

Dengarkan lagi beberapa kata sifat, kata deskripsi.

MARTIN: Old. Old people. Poor. Poor people. Sick. Sick people. Young. Young man. Handsome. Handsome man. Strong. Strong man. Tall. Tall man. gray. Gray hair. White. White hair. Interesting. Interesting face. Thin. Thin face.

Berilah dulu deskripsi seorang wanita berusia lanjut, dengan menggunakan beberapa kata sifat yang telah Anda pelajari. Jawab pertanyaan-pertanyaan Martin mengenai seseorang yang Anda kenal.

MARTIN: Is she young or old?

ANDA: ………………

MARTIN: What color is her hair?

ANDA: …………………..

MARTIN: Is her face thin or round?

ANDA: ………………………

HAROON: That woman has a pretty face.

MARTIN: Is she sick?

HAROON: She’s not sick now. She was sick. She’s very weak.

MARTIN: She looks happy.

HAROON: Yes. She’s getting well. But she’s not strong.

MARTIN: Does she live near the clinic?

HAROON: I think so. She works very hard.

MARTIN: What does she do?

HAROON: She helps other old people. She takes them food. She brings them to the clinic. She visits them.

MARTIN: Wonderful.

HAROON: She’s wonderful person.

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