Tautan-tautan Akses

ENGLISH USA 56, BAGIAN KE-2 - 2005-02-14


Dalam pelajaran ini Anda akan dibimbing lebih lanjut memperkenalkan orang lain dengan menyebutkan gelar dan nama mereka.


HARVERY: Pardon me. What did you say Ms. Johnson?

JOHNSON: Call me Cynthia, please. I said, what will we call the organization?

HARVEY: I don’t know. What does everyone think?

EDITH: Let’s call it Community Led Environmental Action Now.

MALE: That’s too long.

JOHNSON: I like environmental.

MARTIN: We can call it Clean. C for Community, L for led, E for Environmental, A for Action, and N for Now.

LOUIS: I don’t like clean. Our neighborhood isn’t dirty. We don’t need to clean it. We need to make it neat.

MARTIN: That could be Needed Environmental Action Today. NEAT.

MALE: Or maybe Necessary. Environmental Action Today. It’s still N-E-A-T. NEAT.

HARVEY: I like that. Let’s vote on that name. NEAT. All of those in favor of NEAT raise your hand. Good. That’s everybody. The organization has a name. Now, let’s vote on some officers.

JOHNSON: Can you tell us what you do? Professor Hill, what do you so?

EDITH: I’m Edith Hill. I teach psychology at the university. I also work at the public clinic on the south side of the city.

MALE: We need a psychologist. You know how to make people behave.

CAST: ( Laugh)

FEMALE: We need Martin too. He’s a writer. He can write anything we need.

MARTIN: We need Harvey. He’s a businessman.

MALE: He can pay for it.

CAST: (Laugh)

HARVEY: No, no. I can’t pay for it, but I can help.

JOHNSON: Dr. Sanders can speak about health and the environment.

FEMALE: Ms. Johnson is a teacher. She can help Martin write things for children in school.


Kita sering memperkenalkan seseorang kepada sekelompok manusia dengan menyebutkan gelar, nama dan profesi atau bidang pekerjaan orang lain. Dengarkan beberapa contoh.

MARTIN: This is Mr. Harvey Mountain. He is a businessman. This is Mr. Cynthia Johnson. She’s a teacher. This is Professor Edith Hill. She is a psychologist. This is Dr. Louis Sanders. He’s a medical doctor.

Perkenalkanlah orang-orang berikut kepada orang lain. Martin akan menyebutkan nama mereka. Kemudian Anda memperkenalkan mereka, lengkap dengan gelar, nama, dan bidang pekerjaan atau profesi mereka.

MARTIN: Cynthia Johnson.


MARTIN: Harvey Mountain.


MARTIN: Edith Hill.


MARTIN: Louis Sanders.



HARVEY: Excuse me. Quiet please. We have a lot of work. We must have officers. Then we must decide what to do next.

FEMALE: I nominate Martin for secretary. He can write.

MALE: I nominate Harvey for treasurer. He knows about money.

HARVEY: Martin, can you write these down for us, please. Any more nominations?

MARTIN: We need more. We need a president. I nominate Edith for president. We need a psychologist for president.

HARVEY: Any more nominations? I think we need more.

MALE: That’s enough. Let’s vote.

HARVEY: Can we do that? We have only one nomination for each officer.

JOHNSON: Yes, we only need one.

HARVEY: All right. All in favor of the nominated officers raise our hands. Good. We now have a name, and we have officers. Edith, you are the new president. You go on.

EDITH: Thank you. Let’s begin with Webster Park. It’s very crowded. It’s not very clean.

LOUIS: It’s not very neat.

EDITH: It has paper, glass bottles, and trash.

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