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Info Pasar Keuangan & Bursa Global 4 Oktober 2019

Info Pasar Keuangan & Bursa Global 4 Oktober 2019
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Info Pasar Keuangan & Bursa Global hari Jumat, 4 Oktober 2019.

Berita keuangan dan bursa global 10/03/19
Berikut kami sampaikan berita keuangan dan bursa global:
indeks Dow Jones di New York naik 122 point, ditutup pada 26,201,
Indeks S&P 500 naik 23 point, ditutup pada 2,910, dan
Indeks Nasdaq juga naik 87 point, ditutup pada 7,872
Di Asia, indeks Dow turun 24 point, ditutup pada 3,134
Indeks Nikkei anjlok 436,8 point, ditutup pada 21,341 dan
Indeks Hang Seng di Hongkong naik 67 point, ditutup pada 26,110.
Di London, Indeks Financial Times turun 44,9 point, ditutup pada 7.077, Indeks Dax di Jerman turun 338 point, ditutup pada 11,925, dan indeks CAC – Paris naik 16 point, ditutup pada 5.438.
Harga minyak mentah Brent turun 16 sen, ditutup pada 52,2 dollar per barrel, Harga emas naik 5 dollar 20 sen, ditutup pada 1.513 dollar per troy ons, dan
Harga tembaga turun kurang 1 sen, ditutup pada 2 dollar 55 sen per pon, Harga coklat naik 38 dollar, ditutup pada 2,520 dollar per ton, harga kopi naik satu sen, ditutup satu dollar dua sen per pon.
Satu euro bernilai 0,9 dollar Amerika, satu pound sterling bernilai 0,8 dollar Amerika, satu dollar Amerika sama dengan 107 yen Jepang, dan 14,172 rupiah.

Sekian catatan harga saham, komoditi dan mata uang, saya Isa Ismail.
ashington, Oct 3, 2019 (AFP) -
The US trade conflict with China may not have spared the kitchen sink, or even kitchen cabinets, as Washington on Thursday announced another round of steep tariffs.

About $4.4 billion of wooden cabinets and vanities imported from China will face additional duties because they are being dumped on the American market at less than fair value, the Commerce Department said.

Chinese exporters will face tariffs of 28.7 percent to 251.6 percent to level the playing field, Commerce said in its preliminary decision.

The imported cabinets already faced tariffs August 8 after Commerce determined the Chinese manufacturers received government subsidies.

The latest announcement is one in series of cases Commerce has pursued against many product lines, usually at the request of American companies claiming to be hurt by imports from China or other trading partners.

But it is separate from the broader trade dispute in which President Donald Trump plans to impose tough taxes on nearly all imports from China.

Based on the dumping rates, US customs agents will begin collecting duties from importers on the cabinets.

However, the funds would be returned if the department reverses its decision or if the independent US International Trade Commission finds the subsidies did not harm US industry.

The cabinet case was launched in March by a trade group called the American Kitchen Cabinet Alliance, and impacts companies including Dalian Meisen Woodworking, Ancientree Cabinet and Rizhao Foremost Woodwork Manufacturing.