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This is English USA, on the Voice of America. Now, Lesson 57, Part 2. English USA Suara Amerika, Pelajaran Ke 57, Bagian Ke Dua.

Dalam pelajaran ini kita akan melatih memberi berbagai alamat yang dikenal. Martin mengedarkan sebuah petisi di taman supaya taman itu dibersihkan.


MARTIN: Excuse me, I’m Martin Learner. May I ask you some questions.

SANDY: What for?

MARTIN: I have a petition I want you to read.

SANDY: What for?

MARTIN: It’s about the park. We want to get the park cleaned up.

JAN: This park?

MARTIN: Yes. Do you live in the neighborhood?

JAN: Yes. We both live here.

MARTIN: Please read the petition.

SANDY: Let me see it.

MARTIN: Where do you live?

JAN: I live at…

SANDY: Wait a minute. I want to read this first. Do you k now this man?

JAN: Yes, I do. We go on the same train to Washington sometimes.

SANDY: OK. Go ahead I live the petition.

MARTIN: Will you sign it?

SANDY: Sure. Here.

MARTIN: I need to ask some more questions.


MARTIN: How old are you?

SANDY: I’m 25 years old.

MARTIN: Where do you live?

SANDY: I live at 502 Hillside Avenue. That’s up the hill.

MARTIN: Yes, I know. I live up that way too. How long have you lived in the neighborhood.

SANDY: Always. I was born here. My parents lived here.

JAN: They still live here.

MARTIN: What’s your name?

SANDY: Sandy Welch.

MARTIN: And what’s your name?

JAN: I’m Jan Whiting.

MARTIN: Are you going to sign?

JAN: Yes, I like the petition.

MARTIN: Where do you live Jan?

JAN: I live on the other side of the park.

MARTIN: What’s your address?

JAN: 941 Elmore Lane. My house is that yellow one over there.

MARTIN: When were you born?

JAN: In 1969.

MARTIN: How long have you lived in the neighborhood?

JAN: I came here in 1979.

MARTIN: Where did you live before? Did you live in Baltimore?

JAN: Yes, but not in this neighborhood. I lived on the far west side of the city.

MARTIN: Did you sign, Sandy?

SANDY: Not yet. Here, I’ll sign now.

MARTIN: Thanks. Now you, Jan.

JAN: I’m very happy to sign. The park is dangerous for children.. It is not very clean.

SANDY: There’s a lot of trash on weekends. Glass bottles and paper.

MARTIN: Thanks for helping.

JAN: Is there something we can do?

MARTIN: You can come to our meetings. We meet on Thursday evenings at the Catholic church.

SANDY: What’s the address?

MARTIN: 510 Saint Barbara Street.

Berilah sekarang alamat beberapa tempat penting di daerah Anda.

MARTIN: What’s the address of your family?

ANDA: …..

MARTIN: What’s the address of a friend?


MARTIN: What’s the address of your work?

ANDA: …….

MARTIN: What’s the address of a school?



MARTIN: Hello. How are you doing?

CYNTHIA: Fine. I have several names.

MARTIN: That’s good. I have a few.

CYNTHIA: Would you like some coffee? I brought some.

MARTIN: That sounds wonderful.


MARTIN: Where do you live, Cynthia?

CYNTHIA: On Parker Drive. 260 Parker Drive. It’s near my school.

MARTIN: Of course. I know where it is.

CYNTHIA: I’m going to the other side of the park again.

MARTIN: Thanks for the coffee.

CYNTHIA: Don’t mention it.

MARTIN: Harvey Mountain and his wife are coming at 11 o’clock.

CYTHIA: Good. Send one of them to me.


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